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The Way Forward

On the Scales

Weight Loss Program

This highly effective four week Harley Street  program, which has a 95% success rate, helps you to shift those unwanted pounds.  Some clients lose 7 pounds in the first week and afterwards more gradually.  The program will enable to make those life style changes you need to make more easily than ever before.


In the first session I will make believe that you have had a gastric band fitted, which will help you to stop snacking and reduce your portion sizes.  It enables you to make that mind body connection so you know to stop eating when you are full.  To really listen to what your body is telling you and gain control.  Ultimately it is your choice what you eat, however with your commitment this program helps you to change your mindset to live the life you want. 


The next three sessions focus on getting to the root cause of the weight issue.  Accessing the subconscious, using parts therapy, regression, positive imagery and, if needed aversion therapy, you can make the changes to your life that you wish to make.  Your subconscious mind is very powerful and to be able to access it to change those unhealthy habits, is quite a phenomenon. 

Confidence/ Anxiety/ Relationships

Going beyond suggestion hypnosis, Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy allows you to access memories that are associated with any issue you might be having and gives you the ability to completely overcome them.


You may think you may already have the answer to what event caused the problem but perhaps the subconscious knows differently.  Within regression I progress with Gestalt therapy.  This is a very effective technique that accesses your inner child, giving you a completely new perspective and a profound healing process.  

Accessing the subconscious and parts therapy allows us find out what part of you is holding on to the problem, let that go and replace it with something more advantageous to you.

Once you have gone through the healing process whilst in hypnosis you can wake up feeling like something has changed.  Like you have let go of something that was holding you back giving you the freedom to live your life how you'd imagined. 


After hypnotherapy you will feel like you have that inner peace you have always deserved.

Woman Holding Cigarette

Smoking Cessation

With a 90% success rate, Smokers can quit within ONE 90 minute session. 

Do you know the real reason why you smoke?  Do you understand why you buy a packet of cigarettes after looking at the revolting picture on the front? Many smokers who have come to see me don't.  As soon as you understand the real reason that you smoke, it makes it so much easier to quit than doing so without any support.   


Hypnosis allows you to relax so that the subconscious mind can be reset to the attitude of the non-smoker.  IF on the rare occasion, you find yourself struggling or you happen to smoke, you can to come in for a second session.  This is valid for three months. 

Hypnotherapy makes it so much easier to quit than using will power alone.  It is a technique that clients, who are completely committed to quitting, can work with to help them stop.  Smokers see a huge, noticeable difference in their attitude towards smoking after the treatment so it is important that you are ready to quit so that you can follow it through. 

With this Harley Street Technique technique, we will replace the smoking with something more advantageous to you so you can quit without gaining weight.  I will only see smokers who I believe I can help so I will thoroughly assess you within your telephone consultation.  This is an exciting and unique opportunity to quit smoking so if you feel ready, let's do it!


I am confident that I can help you with any obstacles that you may be experiencing in your life:


Panic attacks





Poor sleep




Afraid to go out




Business/ Work



Unable to cope


Anxiety/ Upsets



Personality changes

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

If you feel ready to deal with any of these problems and you want to make a change then I'll be happy to help you.  I'm ready, are you?!

Mind Massage

For those clients who wish to experience hypnosis and a wonderfully unique sense of tranquility, this mind massage could be for you. 

After an introduction to hypnotherapy, the hypnosis experience will last for around 45 minutes and will have a beautifully relaxing effect.  If you are interested in hypnosis purely to clear your mind of all the cobwebs and stress this can be achieved in this session.

Some people are interested in hypnosis as an experience rather than wanting to change anything.  Afterwards, you will feel deeply relaxed yet refreshed when you wake up from this calming hypnosis experience.