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 Stephanie Newton


Clinical Advanced Hypnotherapist

Photography by Izaak Chung

Photography by Isaak Chung

'Whether you think you can or you think you can't - you are right'

Henry Ford

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Stephanie Newton 

Clinical Advanced Hypnotherapist

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Diamond Hypnotherapy

Diamond Hypnotherapy has a range of advanced hypnotherapy Harley Street techniques that will empower you to make the positive changes you wish to make.  All completely private and confidential, it usually takes up to only six sessions, to experience the lasting change that you want.  You may want to get rid of anxiety, overcome trauma, lose weight, quit smoking, improve your relationships, increase your confidence or overcome your fears.  Whether hypnotherapy is the first option you turn to or the last, you could be surprised at how fast and effective it really is.

As a dedicated and committed hypnotherapist who has gained a high success rate with the clients I have worked with, especially with issues such as anxiety, trauma related, weight loss, quit smoking, relationships, confidence and fears, I have a strong belief in the power of hypnotherapy and the positive transformations people are capable of making in their lives.  Once you recognise that something in your life needs to change and you want that change, help is here and it's available to you.  Every issue is completely unique therefore each session is tailored to your needs.

Being an Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist means that being suggestible is of no importance.  Instead with the Harley Street advanced hypnosis techniques, you can access your subconscious mind like never before and you can start a healing process that will help you move passed anxiety, trauma, fears or get rid of any bad habits.  Hypnotherapy can be life changing for some people which is incredibly exciting.  And the best part is, that it all comes from you.  I simply help you to do it.

It is my passion to help people using hypnotherapy to make positive, happy changes in their lives.  You can say goodbye to anxiety, trauma related issues, smoking, fears, relationship or weight issues.  I love seeing people achieve what they want to in their lives.  Your happiness is of value and it is important.  You can know that change is possible and that it can be done rapidly, easily, safely and effectively.

Please allow me to introduce myself.  Many clients have told me that as soon as they come in for a session they feel immediately at ease and ready for me to help them with whatever changes they want to overcome.  Bringing down barriers is what therapy is all about, and having that trust and confidence in your therapist is really important.  Choosing a therapist you feel comfortable with will help you to identify issues and find it so much easier to go into hypnosis.

I have clinics in Manchester and Wilmslow but I am within easy reach of:

Alderley Edge, Bramhall, Withington, Heaton Moor, Sale, Stockton Heath, Lymm, Knutsford, Old Trafford, Buxton, Marple, Lymm, Macclesfield, Prestwich, Worsley, Monton, Stockport, South Manchester, Manchester City Centre, Urmston, Didsbury, Ramsbottom, Cheadle, Whitefield, Prestbury, Heaton Moor, Poynton, Stretford, Old Trafford, Chorlton, Northwich.

Please feel welcome to contact me for your free 15 minute telephone consultation.  I am here to help you.

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